Have you ever wanted to write with postscript times in LaTeX and have oblique symbols at same time but were afraid to ask?

Don't worry, here is the solution to all your problems, a style file created by Eckart Hars and Miguel Fernández from the previous pslatex.sty adding little (but important) changes. Download ps_hardez.sty and follow the installing instructions below!

- Locate your folder /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/misc or wherever you store your sty files and copy it there (or alternatively create a new folder containing the file (ps_hardez/ps_hardez.sty))
- Go to a shell and type:
$ texconfig
There, select "Rebuild ls-R database" and TeTeX will do the rest for you
- Now use it: \usepackage{ps_hardez}

- Copy the file into a new folder of MikTex: \tex\latex\ps_hardez\
- Go to \miktex\bin\ and execute mo.exe. Select to "Refresh File Name Database" and to "Update Format Files". OK, it's done!
- Use it (and breath) normally